Virtual Vintage Reverbs used on Guitar & Voice Recording Software

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Voice Recording Software : How to Use Virtual Vintage Reverbs

This video is actually a follow on from our first video on recording guitar through a vintage amp. A few people asked me to explain how using my guitar and voice recording software I managed to get the right vintage sound on the vocals and guitars. So here it is .

Vintage Spring and Plate Reverbs were difficult to maintain and they were noisy ….BUT not anymore.

These days using standard Audio and Voice Recording software we can achieve the same lush sound with Virtual Spring and plate reverbs without all the maintenance and headaches . Using Logic Studio or any DAW for that matter , It is possible to get a great sound these days on your voice or guitar using standard Recording software.

In this video I show how I use a virtual Spring Reverb on both Voice and Guitar to get that elusive old Motown sound .

Why not experiment with vintage Reverb on modern music ? Just because Spring reverbs and Plate reverbs come from the old days doesnt mean you cant use it in music now successfully . Sometimes the older analogue sounds are easier on the ear than totally digital sounding music. What about Amy Winehouse’s music. There are many old skool elements in her music but with a fresh modern feel to it. Infact there seems to be a resurgence of more soulful and warm music .

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3 Responses to Virtual Vintage Reverbs used on Guitar & Voice Recording Software

  1. weight says:

    yeah my dad will like this

  2. MusicLawGuy says:

    Hey David,

    I just recently subscribed and am very thankful for the wealth of information you offer on audio and music business. However, how do you get around copyright infringement of “My Girl?” How much wiggle room is there when basing a composition around an already copyrighted song?

    Thank You For Your Time

    • DavidCampos says:

      The melody has been changed since this video to be further away from the original
      . Also of you analyze the guitar melody it’s different to “my girl” . You can copy the sound and style of a song but you can’t copy the melodies .

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