Removing Vocals From a Song

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A friend asked me to help her find a backing track to a song she wanted to perform to. I said to her to try and search in Itunes for the song’s name with “Backing track”,”karaoke” or “Instrumental’ added. Unfortunately there was no version available. So I had to find another method to help her out.

And this method is easier than you think . Its basically removing the vocals from the original song using any standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) .

So I decided to film the process and make it available to you guys for fun .

Enjoy !! P.S. please remember to comment .

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3 Responses to Removing Vocals From a Song

  1. mothobi kutoane says:

    It is very interesting to me do you need a software to remove vocal to audio?

  2. Hi David!
    Nice lesson about this, but what about the panning and stereo placement of the instruments in the original track? You end up with a mono-track this way, or am i missing things?

    Greetings Bert

  3. Christopher Kerr says:

    Awesome Method.
    I am still trying to get back to music full-time.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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