Recording Guitar on Audio Recorder Software

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Today I’m going to be recording Guitar on audio recorder software .

I often compose jingles or music to picture for advertising companies.  I was commissioned the other day to compose a jingle for a new advertisement for TV . The briefing was to come up with something that has a Motown feel to it , something that sounds kinda RnB from the late 50s or 60s . So after I programmed the drums and Bass guitar on my audio recorder software it was time to lay down a little guitar.

Recording guitar is an area where you cant get away with fake sequenced guitar. especially for this style . So I called in a professional session guitarist by the name of Antonio Orrico . He is a real pro. Most of the time he does everything first time in one take in like 5 minutes and then we talk about music for 2 hours while we drink cappuccino . He has two brilliant websites for learning how to play guitar .

Once we had finished recording the guitar it was time for some vocals. So I hired another true professional by the name of Lungelo . He is a very talented artist with a great soulful voice which is perfect for my pseudo Motown track . Lungelo did a wonderful job on the vocals. He even did his own harmonies and backing vocals .

If  you can guess what famous Motown song our final song is based on and put your answer in the comments then you might win FREE access to my advanced course that I’m working on called ” Advanced Music Production ” .

Thanks to Antonio Orrico , Lungelo & Thabang for being involved in this project.

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8 Responses to Recording Guitar on Audio Recorder Software

  1. Tommyjoe says:

    Good good….Thats my girl

  2. Nolan says:

    It’s My Girl, by The Temptations…. what a beautiful song. Makes me wanna go back in time and live in the olden days….

  3. DavidCampos says:

    Music was so much more innocent in those days. I don’t know however if I could ever give up my modern music setup though .

  4. Michael Spence says:

    Great guys. The song it’s based on is “My Girl”

  5. Glen Hagerman says:

    David I really enjoy what you are doing. I’m new in recording I have only been doing this for about 1 year. Since then I have used sonar and then cubase 5. I like cubase 5 better ”different strokes for different folks” I guess. I completely agree with you that the music was much more innocent back then, it just makes you feel good. I have put my first song out on you tube called The Lame Train. It’s about a football coach in the U.S who really put the screws to us here in Knoxville Ten. David when and if you get some time take a listen and tell me what you think. Be gentle as I’m sure you will hear many things wrong, I wrote it played it and produced it. I had a good friend of mine did the vocals his name is Chuck Norris ”NOT THE FIGHTER” LOL.
    Thanks Glen.

  6. DavidCampos says:

    Thanks Glen . What is the url adress for your song and I’ll listen to it ?? By the way Chuck Norris is so fast he can run around the world and hit himself on the back of the head :-)

  7. Mark Allen says:

    New Recording enthusiast
    27″ Imac 16GB Ram, Presonus Firestudio, Tascam Mixer, AKG 820 Tube Mic, AT4040 Mic, Logic Studio 9, Komplete 7 VST/Samplers, Yamaha KX8 controller, Roland XV3080 synth module (cards 1000′s samples).

    My note here is two-fold …. 1st; WONDERFUL SITE, and AWESOME info. I can tell you are a fantastic producer/engineer/composer. 2nd; I would love to get into film scoring/producing/commercial jingle writing but I cannot find much info on the structure of Film scoring, cant even find much info on the basics of it. What gear is needed, what the process is, do you know of anyone who would have any advice for a newbie?

    PS ,
    I am fairly fluent pianist/guitars/drums and Midi sequencer

    Thanks SO SO Much
    Mark Allen
    BC Canada

  8. Randy Griner says:

    I am the definition of a newbie! I have picked up a few items over the last few years such as a Behringer Xenyx 2442FX board, EV self powered studio monitors, Peavey floor monitors, sound proofing material, a Toshiba 655 Satelite laptop (solely dedicated to recording software), Audacity software, and since I have played guitar for 40 years I have my Behringer V-Tone half stack, an Ovation cc54i acoustic/electric, an Italia Mondial semi hollowbody electric, 2 Ibanez electrics, 3 PRS Tremonti editions, and a Fender Telestrat. My goal is to set up a studio that can produce good quality demo CD’s for local garage bands that have the inner strength and passion to become more then they currently are. I am a disabled combat veteran from the Marine Corps. And receive a decent amount of monthly compensation so in other words I am not looking to make a fortune at this venture…maybe help a local musician become rich, but as long as my bills are paid, I have a roof over my head, and food in my belly I have all I need to be happy!…I have never recorded, mixed, or anything before…truth be told, I have never been inside a studio before…where should I start as far as learning the recording business? I sure would appreciate any guidance you are willing to give…with me being disabled it is virtually impossible to go to a studio in operation and intern….the owners dont want the liability of someone in my condition moving about their studio…so I am left to figure this out for myself…I learn quick and have an IQ of 178.. so I know I can figure this out, but some nudges from you would sure go a long way in shortening my journey! Can and will you help me please?

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