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I am David Campos. I wrote this article to help you with home recording software and general information on how to set up your own home based recording studio based on my own 20 years experience in the music industry.

I have grown up in recording studios and around musicians my whole life. My father was a very successful session musician who later became a well known music producer. He was from the old school of electronic gear and analogue tape BUT I was the new generation and I loved computers and computer music. With home recording software packages becoming common, the costs of setting up our own home recording studio became reasonable and the whole idea became alot more feasible.

We eventually built a fully fledged recording studio at my dads home using home recording software and we never looked back. When I was 21 , I decided to leave my Dad’s business to start my own music production career and I immediately set up my own home studio. that was 15 years ago.

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Multitrack Recording Software

Multitrack recording software has the ability to record multiple audio tracks to hard disk one track at a time. This gives the music producer incredible power when working with a band or artist. You will be able to record one track at a time and do multiple takes until each musician has done their best take. For example , if a singer is struggling to hit a certain note , you can re-record that specific section again and again until the singer gets it right. This can be very useful.

With multitrack recording software you should usually start with a click track and gradually add one instrument at a time. Most music producers start with the drums and  then the bass followed by the keys and synths. Voice or vocals are usually recorded last. This is not a rule but is generally the way most people work with multitrack recording software.

Another term to describe multitrack recording software is a DAW . “DAW” stands for “Digital Audio Workstation” . There are many DAW’s out there in the market place. Which one is the right one for you ?

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Computer Recording Software

See my Computer recording Software video I made below and please leave a comment.

Computer Recording Software can initially seem like an elusive and intimidating subject to get your head around or get your hands on usable information on the basic concepts but with a little groundwork and effort you will be programming your own beats, recording your own songs and producing your own hits in a short time.

Computer recording software is used on a daily basis to record and mix your favorite songs you hear on the radio, the advertisements you hear on on the radio , the soundtracks and SFX(Sound FX) you hear in the cinema when you go watch a movie or when you watch your favorite TV show. Basically any sound you hear coming from any source that is not part of nature has been recorded and mixed on some kind of Computer Recording software.

My name is David Campos and I’ve been working in recording studios using computer recording software most of my life. I grew up in my dad’s studio and I have witnessed the amazing transformation technology has brought to the music industry through computers and computer recording software. make yourself at home as I take you through the basics on to the next step where you will soon make your own music.

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