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  1. David, I hope you will read this comment.
    I don’t quite remember when or what made me subscribe to you on youtube but today when I went on the website it recommended me your video Fake it Until You Make it.

    I have been trying to get into the music production industry for quite sometime now and the biggest problem is that I have too many things that I do and I can’t focus on MP as much as I want to. I go to College for another industry and it takes up a lot of my time. Since I am not such a professional when it comes to music production, I used to always act like I know everything when someone is talking to me about it and i felt like the biggest cheat in the world (even though most of the time I delivered great results). When I watched that video of yours on YouTube, I thanked god I was subscribed to you, you helped me put my actins into perspective and see the good side of them. I am not a cheat, I am a successful business man and one day will be a more successful Music Producer. There is no doubt in me that your book will help me a great deal, I was looking for something like that for a while (i have some old stuff but i think i can relate to you a lot more).

    Thanks again,
    Ilia Solomomov.

  2. Ilia Solomonov says:

    I already left a comment, I just wanted to say that since I watched your YouTube video Fake It Until You Make It, my life has changed completely!
    Like I stated before, I was already living according this lifestyle but I didn’t quite comprehend it until i watched your video.
    I hope that it will become very viral because it’s a great life lesson, you made me understand what I should do at this point of my life, I hope you know how great it is.

    Thanks again,
    Your new fan.

  3. emmanuel sunu says:

    you are the best in the world taking your time to put together this wonderful knowledge for free, keep doing what you are doing your biggest Blessing is on the way for sure. you will always be a winner. thanx

    • Ilia Solomonov says:

      He’s definitely a genius and he deserves a lot of respect for putting this book together! I can’t wait for the next edition for advanced students. However, I should master the beginners techniques first before I jump anywhere else.

      If you notice, most of his tutorials are on Logic Pro (which I love but I do not own a mac and I really don’t want to try and run it on my weak pc)… But you can still apply the knowledge to FL Studio or whatever DAW you are using.

      For example, in FL we use a Parametric EQ and in Logic, I am pretty sure it is called Channel EQ. So ye just use common sense :)

      I wish one day I will be sponsored and someone will buy me an iMac haha…

      I have a website that I didn’t publish here where I am praising this dude… I have a few very successful music producer friends and when I see a genius I can tell. This guy would definitely help me, this is already my 3rd comment on this site, usually I just take what I get and don’t bother coming back, but I truly idolize David Campos now. Can’t believe I was subscribed to him and never noticed all of his videos….

      THANK YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. M.S.Jones says:

    David Campos… Thank u so much man… \m/

  5. PAULINO says:


    • explorador says:

      Thank you for the information that you provide to us, I think it’s awesome. I’m learning to mix and make recordings, and make arrangements now because I play piano and my dream is to have my own record studio. I haven’t read everything yet, because I’m translating everything, then I will let you know my comments.

      translated by explorador

  6. Tony Ramirez says:

    DAVID thank you , today i getting the copy of your ebook, im very happy couse i was waching your tutorials and i know you will help me a lot with your esperience, again thank you

  7. Mike says:

    David, I just finished reading through your “music production 101″, first take!
    Great, how you explain. I am really grateful, since I am busy to swap from my
    Korg 888d as basis,to pc based editing-mastering, dont even know yet the good words.
    I do look forward to “attend” your next Lesson,


    regards from

  8. Don Treezy says:

    thanks man…dis will really help ….

  9. Tukela Dlulane says:

    Inspirational! I’m a student currently studiying another form of engineering at the hand of my parents, but music has always, always been my true love. I have been working with Fl studio for a few years now and always thought my music had the potential of being so much better. I finally see that happening now! I aim to pursue a carrier in the music industry and bring a new flavor to the scene. Thank you so much David for a great book and for such a selfless , such good will only comeback to you tenfold. I am eagerly anticipating the A.M.P series . Congratulations on a lifetime achievement, you being such a great and timeless producer and I wish you all the best.

  10. Alejandro Camacho says:

    Hey man! thanks for the help!
    Im just a music fan doing this for fun and to learn something new from the music buisness and, well I just wanted to say thanks because not many people would take time off to try and help other “producers in the making” so, it really means alot.

    Thanks Again David!
    Good luck on on your future projects!

  11. Luis Ribes says:

    I want to thank you for your time and dedication. I myself would (will?) do it on e day if I ever have so much to share as you!
    At the moment I am a father of three little girls and I have time to read your e-mails but not a minute to implement your teachings. So I do know a lot about managing your time and, frankly, not many people would do like you in that respect.
    Thanks heaps. I hope we can count on you for a long time!

  12. Bob Houlston says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your exemplary book. I am still working my through it at present. The information on BPM is most useful and I have added it to my Free guitar tips + tabs web site with full acknowledgement to yourself at: xtras.htm#2
    Best wishes,
    Bob #==(o )

  13. DJ Kalypso says:

    Thanks buddy!!!!

  14. Gary Woods says:

    Thank you David.
    Your videos are informative and inspirational.

  15. David Okotel says:

    Thanks David- you put it plain and simple.
    It is beautiful to know that a person like you does have the heart to help others.
    Bless you

  16. facundo says:

    Tahnk you, David….
    I really love music and i have loved it since i was a little child… i hope this book helps me get the knowledge i need to get started on the production industry.
    Thanks a lot!
    love from Argentina!

  17. CurtJay says:

    The Ebook is one of the best in the world i got inspired in producing music and still getting inspired to do more…… God Bless you for your efforts Brother

  18. Swamy Kitcha says:

    This is a great book with all the info nicely packaged. Thanks David. Please look into my site and hopefully we can get to share our knowledge from this vast land of music :-) .

  19. Robert Hammond says:

    I was turned on to this hobby about 10 years ago by an ARMY buddy of mine. I now want to make this a career. I am 55 years old and I love producing music. Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and especially your generous spirit to want to share with an old guy like me. May God bless you.

  20. Mark says:

    Thanks. Great information in the “Music Production 101″ eBook and YouTube videos!

  21. Marlon says:

    First of all I’m a noob but here is my question.

    Can you please elaborate on why phase correction are a myth?
    I hear many people talking about getting phase issues due to timing in sound when for example, using multiple mikes and the sound source reaches each at a different time.

    From what I read, phase can affect the amplitude of a given frequency where the signals cancel each other out or boost each other in an undesired way.

    Thanks for the resources.

    • DavidCampos says:

      Phase correction is very important . What you said
      Is 100% correct :-)

      • Marlon says:

        Then I am confused when you say the following in Theory of Mastering Pg. 58.

        “I am about to reveal this secret to you so here goes.
        *NB* The secret to mastering on the final stereo mix are these 3 processes: ”

        [ I won't reveal your secret in public ;) ]

        “Everything else you have been told about stereo enhancers, **phase correction** and aural
        brighteners etc… is BullS*!t!! It’s all just myths from people who don’t know better . ”

        In this context, what do you mean about phase correction?

        Thanks again

        • Marlon says:

          Thanks for clearing it up that you meant phase enhancers. makes sense now. Any “enhancers” are a crock of patties. I assume this also applies to maximizers like BBE?

          Thanks for taking the time to put these resources out there.

  22. Renier Henning says:

    Got it thanx David


  24. Ed says:

    Hi David,

    entschuldige bitte das ich auf deutsch schreibe, englisch lerne ich erst noch. Vielen Dank für dieses tolle eBook. Ich fange mit Homerecording gerade erst an und Dein Buch hilft mir sehr dabei. Ich möchte mir ein Homerecording Studio einrichten in dem ich mit meiner Band produzieren und aufnehmen kann.
    Nochmals vielen Dank

  25. Kevin says:

    thanks a lot my friend, i wish you success in all your carreer….

  26. Christopher says:

    Thank you for the book and thank you for posting excellent videos.

  27. Israel Navarro says:

    David… I Just wanted to say that its always pleasing to know that there are people as humble in the music business like you out there, with so many people needing help these days to want to be able to create there own music… your wisdom and sincere advice is always helpful….thank you!

  28. Vicky Verma says:

    Hello Sir,
    I Have downloaded your book.
    In fact, It is very important for me. This is very intrusting book. In
    My Future, I Want to be a Pro DJ – CUM – Remixer. It would be very
    helpful to me.
    Thanx again for this amazing book.

    - Vikas Kumar Verma From Gohana, Haryana (India)

  29. sya says:

    may God bless you Thank you so much :-)

  30. Chadley says:

    Thanks David your videos and ebook help out a lot.
    God bless you and may your future productions be prosperous :)

  31. bennyrv says:

    Thank you dude, I’m in this world of music production and your e-book is fantastic.
    With respect,

  32. bennyrv says:

    Thank you dude, I’m in this world of music production and your e-book is fantastic.
    With respect,

  33. andy brown says:

    thanks david the ebook 101 is very imformative

    keep up the good works thanks again

  34. Naeem says:

    Thank you Mr David

  35. Pat Pagano says:

    WOW, what a great book! I have recently switch from analog to digital, it`s a all new world. Will follow all your recommendations. I`m a jazz flautist, what do you suggest on how to record a Flute?

    Best regards,


  36. NOWSHAD says:

    thank u dear ..ur book is very useful me like a new face in music production…
    may god bless u
    nowshady.kollam ,kerala.india

  37. jufa says:


  38. aaron says:

    David am very grateful to have this book just got it and am going to read it to the last word. Thanks for the good work done

  39. Rick Jeffers says:

    Hi my name is Rick I live in Corio Vic AU have been in AU for about 12 years my home is Up State NY Caratoga NY I have been in music sence 1963. I have played in most of the 5 star hotels in NY State. I did 11 years of 6 nighters. but now I don’t play much but would like to. now i’m looking to get my home recording studio on the road to become my new income. i love working the studio. I have some people that lease time frome me but not enugh to depend on it,so I need to make it work for me. I am a composser I do all the parks in the studio editing perduceing finel mix downs. I am not good with lyric, but what I need now is help with info on what do i need to do to get my recording studio up and running as a income. any help will be welcome.
    as for your vidios on youtub I think they are the best I have seen so far.they are easy to understand, very streat forward. thank you keep up the great work David.
    if any one from my town needs studio time or help with compossing a song let David know and maybe he can forward it to me thanks again.

  40. Nathan Smith says:

    Hi David,

    I am a south african living in England and i am a music enthusiast. I haven’t been able to find any useful tips that are free and easy for me to connect to until now. I believe you have a true love for what you do and i firmly believe in doing what you love and loving what you do. Thank you so much for all your help and i hope you achieve even more success than you have already managed to accomplish!
    Once again many thanks and good luck with your future ventures.


  41. Paora Bailey says:

    Thanks boss. This knowledge is going to help me big time!

  42. Rick Jeffers says:

    Hi David wow m8 I’m so blown away with the 101 ebook. great work. i find that it don’t matter if your a pro or not the ebook is just what we need. thank you. is it asking to much for a list of all your ebooks on any thing you have to share. I have a home studio and I am a writer i’m and older guy but i have been around the business for years. but I find myself still learning . and that’s what it is all about never stop learning. any how please let me know. thank you and for all the folks trying to make it.
    never stop trying and never look behind you at what you could have done.but look ahead at what you can do. byeeeeeee Rick Jeffers

  43. steve says:

    Thanks man,needed a starting point . This is really helpful.

  44. tom says:

    Hi David,
    I fully respect the time and effort you put into making this 101 – in order to help others learn and create more effectively…
    please keep posting Logic tutorial videos.. much love from the UK!

  45. Eru says:

    Hi David

    I downloaded the ebook and absolutely loved it! Thanks very much


  46. Arun says:

    best ebook of audio editing software … thanks very much

  47. Michael Rodriguez says:

    Hi Mr Campos,I as well which to give you thanks for this free ebook of yours.
    I must say ,that this ebook does in fact have great info about audio editing software .
    Once again thanks, from PR.

  48. James says:

    Thank you , this is exactly what I was looking for to kickstart my way into making music. As a college dropout (lack of interest), creating music is now my primary goal as a career. It can be overwhelming when you look at the big picture, but your videos and ebook are fantastic resources for a beginner like myself. I am already feeling more optimistic about pursuing my dream, and you are the one to thank for that!

  49. Rick Jeffers says:

    Hi David thanks for all the great info you so freely give. that kind of info is worth heeps of money from some places. I am getting my studio up and ready to leasce time out I am writting tracks as well but I would like to know what is the best way to brake the doors down by that I mean to get clints. thanks for any help

  50. kaio mota says:

    thanks a lot budy …nice one.

  51. NRoyed says:

    Thank you…………
    Now i am downloading it after reading it i will let u know.

  52. hemanth says:

    thank you sir.. for the free ebook

  53. Ricky says:

    thanks, I needed that swift kick!

  54. Gilmer says:

    Thanks David… I will explore your ideas and talent.

  55. Mesh says:

    Is David Campos the same as “D-Rex” the super producer?

  56. Mesh says:

    Wow Man,you are indeed a super & excellent producer.I like that track u did with Mapaputsi “Kleva”.I wonder why can’t you Guys hook up something again i miss ur stuff in the music business.

    I’ll occasionally ask for tips if you don’t mind.I’m using Reason 4 for production

  57. sebastian says:

    Great book! Thanks

  58. Mesh says:

    Indeed your book is great Mr Campos.Hope to learn a lot on the advance music productions.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  59. Austin says:

    I love you work! Keep it up!

  60. musa "Nkunz'mara" says:

    “Hi” David, thank you for enlightening me man! It is the first time I respond to someone since I started using internet. Reason why I want to thank you, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!
    “I’M GONNA FOLLOW YOU LIKE JESUS” of this music industry!

  61. Hi, David,

    Thank you very much for your lessons in music production. I’ve been in music all my life, play several instruments (trumpet, tenor sax, keyboard, guitar, and three part harmony vocals; I’ve done studio work for other people and write a lot. I’ve been tinkering around with my TASCAM studio, but really need help with the engineering part. THAT, I recognize, is my Achilles heel, so to speak. I tried using one of those programs on my computer, but found it easier (for me) to actually have a hands on studio set up. Still, I have not really delved into the actual engineering part of the sound, which is of course, important. Thank you…

  62. Eve says:

    Thank you very much for you follow-ups! :D When I got the mail, I immediately did the download stuff so I am one of those who were able to download it first :D

  63. David Masterson says:


    I am in the Military full time, but for the last 10 years I have been dabbling in the are of home recording. I used to be a DJ as well. I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing me with all this new information. I had tried to find stuff like this out before from other producers but they were very hesitant to provide it free of charge. This is a great tool, and I plan on refering to this site regularly. I got your free E-Book about an hour and a half ago and have read it non-stop front to back in that amount of time. I have to completely agree with you when you were talking about digital delays and comparing them to “Mike and the Mechanics, and U2″. It really does add a lot to the mix to give it a good sound. Thanks again. I can’t wait to get the advanced stuff were you show us step by step your methods.


  64. pauline says:

    tq david for your good heart.for sharing

  65. Bobbins says:

    Hey man! You’re such a boss. It is awesome that you’ve not only taken the time to do this, but made it so readily available. I hope to follow suite in my field of study in due time (aka when I become more knowledgeable). Peace and may the pigs ever fly in your favor.

  66. toni says:

    thank’s so much

  67. Bram says:

    Thanks a lot for this!

    Incredible that someone understands the developments nowadays and shares his knowledge for free.
    This can make my production so much better, cheers for that!


  68. William Jacobsen says:

    With this ebook alone I have rejuvenated and cleansed my thinking on music production and finalizing your own tracks! I can not wait for your advanced music prod. class and am so thankful to you for taking this time! Would love to hear some of your finished projects to analyze and learn from.

    Thanks again!

  69. adi says:

    Thanks for sharing the basics :) ) Appreciate you in sharing the knowledge. Regards Adi

  70. eric says:

    You are great brother!

    I remember after watching some of your videos and ‘fake it until you make it’,
    I stopped at the end and began to pray for you. I was moved by your humility
    and passion, and your willingness to share such great knowledge for free. I know we all like free things, but God will give you ‘more’ for free. Amen

  71. DJ ASTROBOY (Owner/CEO/CheerMusicProducer) ASTROBOY MUSIC PRO (Music & Training) says:

    I will describe you in one word: (Genius)

    Thank you brother. God Bless you always.

  72. Charles says:

    I have not began reading this book eBook but i happened to go through the table o content and man i am already excited for the thing i am going to know. Man you have helped me and after i have finished reading it i will definitely comment again but all i know is that i will be in another place or level in this life of production.

    Thanks Man

  73. Karl says:

    Thanks for the book Ok

  74. Tim says:

    was blind but now I see

    Thank you sir …!

  75. karthik sharma says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your e-book. I’m still working at present. I like the BPM is most useful.
    Best wishes, and i can’t even wait for your music prod…classes i have read this whole….
    thanks a lot….!!!!!!!!!

  76. HR says:

    thanx man…
    God bless u ! :)

  77. Nardz says:

    Very Much!

  78. Andre D. says:

    Yup!I downloaded the e-book David.Thanks a lot.It pays not to be selfish.I believe we all learn great things from someone else.Whether good or bad.You receive my thumbs up for this one.(And That’s Good!)What’s your cell phone number again?I’ll call you from the next party.(Just kidding!)Greetings from Andre D.

  79. GURPREET says:

    really thanks for it .

  80. Eugene says:

    Thanks for the book.

  81. Eshady says:

    Thank you for the book :)
    it is like water in a desert.
    i really appreciate it.

  82. edu mondido says:

    Dear sir david,thank you so much & to your ebook is very helpful for me…thanks alot your kindness!….more power sir…

  83. obinna says:

    I felt lifted by the secrets revealed, i’m very happy and i thank you for your enormous contribution to my career.

  84. V8 says:

    Thank you for the information – great stuff for the beginner (and reminder for the intermediate).

    Looking forward to the next installment(s) in the series mentioned in the 101 – happy to pay up & subscribe.

    Greets from Slaapstad!

  85. Yossy says:

    thanks a lot Mr. David

  86. markos says:

    thank very much :)

  87. Susan Botha says:

    Thank you for your this oppertunity to help me set up my own studio. I appreciate your advice and will let you know how my setup going. It will be functional by next year August. God bless you for sharring your knowledge with us. Susan

  88. Jude Ipot says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for this opportunity to help me set up my own studio. I appreciate your advice and will let you know how my setup going.

    Thanks again…

  89. Isaac Tetteh says:

    please sir, thank you for the vidoes online it will help me to build my studio
    Isaac Tetteh

  90. shafeek says:

    tnx sir

  91. Mr. David Campos, thank you very much for this e-book, Get in a hurry to avidly read it; because I am an audiophile, and get to catch the know-how of music-maker environment makes me more appreciative of your work.
    Greetings from Argentina, I wish you many success in your good work.

  92. Rio Lawrence says:

    Thank you so much for this. it has help me. I appreciate it very much.

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