Make More Money from Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams Part 3

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This is turning out to be a great year and I couldn’t think of a better way to keep up the momentum than to share the next installment of my series on making money from multiple streams in music Part 3.

In the first 2 videos I went into the first 7 Streams

  1. Studio Hire
  2. Studio Session Work
  3. Commissioned Work
  4. Music Publishing
  5. CD Sales
  6. Teaching
  7. Endorsments

In this video I’m gonna be going into the next 3 Income streams in the music business .

Please note that with all these income streams I have either personally experienced and benefited from them or I personally know other professionals who have made a living by leveraging their talent through these streams.

This is the way to do it right . Do it right from the start. Don’t wait until you’ve been in the industry for 10 years before you”figure” it out .

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8 Responses to Make More Money from Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams Part 3

  1. I really like and appreciate this vid because of the way it brings everything together. As I look at the final image I can see the money coming down each branch and me in the center there, and how I want as many branches as possible. Can you email us the tree too??? I know it can be different and more detailed but I like the one you created.

  2. BALOCK says:

    Hi David, it’s very interesting, i’d like to know some tips to make my music known.
    Thank you and sorry for my english.

  3. Jay Joesh says:

    I feel so empowered after watching this video. it really opens up a wide range of options to choose from and gives hope for those of us who are just starting in this business that we can do more than just producing music. Thanks Mr Campos

  4. Ryan Beifus says:

    A must see documentary on today’s exciting evolutionary period of music and media in general. Dave you should share this with all the people following your generous blog.

    by House of Radon

  5. Atul Aherwar says:

    Hi David,

    First of all, excellent post.

    I have been trying to get a “hold” of the industry for quite sometime. Surely these series of posts made a lot of things clear… Some misconceptions and some hopes :( But overall excellent piece of work. I have already shared these series of videos with my friends.. They like it too…

    I am doing my MBA in Media and Entertainment from India and was making a dissertation on the Music Business… at the very moment your series can in handy… I would be really kind of you if you could mail me the tree you made for the videos. I shall cite your reference and help in the project… Personally I chose this topic for my own understanding of the industry..



  6. Peter Chard says:

    Hi David
    Just married a long term professional singer (International hotels) so started taking pleasure in recording her singing (using Logic) using instrumental karaoke tracks. She still gives me goosebumps when she sings.
    Thank you for all of those videos and your ebook. Feel like I’ve known you for years now.
    Have your wife give you a big hug from Lilli and I
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you soon
    Thanks again
    Peter Chard

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