Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams PART 2

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Its Christmas time here and my kitchen is full of woman cooking glazed hams and special holiday cookie recipes. Our house is full of relatives and The kids are running around like chickens without heads and all they keep asking me is what we bought them for Christmas . lol !! Somehow I managed to still sneak out and make this video for you :-)

In the previous article (PART 1) called “Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams” I spoke about the first three income streams

  • Studio Hire
  • Studio Session Work
  • Commissioned work

These first 3 income streams have all been part of the overall picture that has helped me financially to get where I am today.

In this 2nd part of the series I go into another 4 streams of income that I personally have used or I know friends in the music business who have used them to make more money from their skills & talents in music .

You must remember what I said . You will never really reach your full potential from just one of these streams . Its the combination of many of them tweaked to perfection that will get you to the place that you wanna go.

There are a lot of opportunities out there and its up to you to go out and take your share of them. Stop and think about some of these and come up with a plan about how you can make it happen . Have a vision and then take some action !!

Now its time for me to go back to eating too much food and cake as we celebrate Christmas in our home . God Bless and have a Merry Christmas from the Campos family !!

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3 Responses to Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams PART 2

  1. Hey David I’ve been watching all your vids but I have a question about the video where you talk about the in home studios you created where the supplies were cheap and you were able to achieve the professional international sound. I’ve been hesitant about doing the in home studio thing, but when you talked about the convenience of it and how you where able to get almost a beyond your average pro sound I was convinced. I know you said you did it by using common sense, but my issue is there are so many different ways people say you should do it online. I feel like I’d be going through trial and error for a while when I could pick your brain to help me keep from doing that. What materials should I use for the listening area and for the recording booth and what should I be listening for as I test it to know I have too much or too little of whatever it be as I set it up???

  2. Bryan Schira says:

    I’m with you Avanti. Any specifics on the materials and process for building a studio like you have mentioned in your previous communications David? To be fair, I think you said it would be sometime early in 2012……… I’m just anxious!

  3. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for business

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