Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams

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I remember when I produced my first demo for an artist 15 years ago. We took it to 12 record companies who all rejected it . It was a very very difficult time because all we wanted was to get the project signed , hear our song on the radio, sell CDs and make a living from the music business .

Afterwards I went to a music manager who asked me all these questions about publishing , masters , management and contracts . I didn’t have the faintest clue what she was talking about . That’s when she sat me down and drew me a picture with me or the artist in the middle with all these income streams surrounding us and feeding into us and into each other . This is when the proverbial “light bulb” switched on …

I later went on to become very successful in music business selling more than 1.5 million records and counting BUT the real wealth has actually come from some unexpected sources . Just as that manager taught me that day I went on to maximize my revenue streams and leverage my music to make the money from as many income streams as possible .

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  1. Thanks for the Income Streams video, David. I’m a TV/Film composer who also teaches music. During these hard economic times (or even good times), we all need to think and practice multiple income (passive and active). Thanks for your positive attitude!!

    • DavidCampos says:

      Thanks Kenneth
      Teaching is also an excellent income stream as you’ve pointed out. I also believe it takes some humility and out of the box thinking to really crack this industry .

      At the end of the day its also about feeding your family and making an honest living .

      • Qu..Gee says:

        so true ! its amazingly true that we all have to survive . And if music is the craft of choice then it will require personal expressions of one’s view of life . God’s gift is so amazingly more interesting tho ! stay creative . D.mcleod

  2. Karuppusamy Ganesan says:

    Dear Dave,

    Basically i am Computer Engineer, After that i have done Music Exam in Trinity Piano with theory.

    Than i have done Sound recording and Radio Production. Even though i have plan to do Music Production in London (Point blank music college) .

    So can you suggest me . which course is best? whether , Music production or Music production with Music Business


    • DavidCampos says:

      Hi Karuppusamy

      Just hang in there because soon I will be launching my own Advanced Music Production Course called AMP for short . early 2012

  3. John Ramirez says:

    Nice! I finally got a studio put together ( took 20 years) and even tough I do not
    know what I’m doing most of the time it all come together ok.

    I’m currently working on the flamenco guitar with Ruben Diaz from Malaga Spain.
    My goal is to make music for film but I would be happy doing commercial music.

    Thanks for the information it looks like you got it all together! hope to see more thanks again!

  4. Shawn Valcarcel says:

    Thank you for all your valuable insight! It is much appreciated! One question I have is what is your recommendation to email something like a Pro Tools folder, when the files are too large for standard email? Is Dropbox or Sendspace a good idea?

  5. rick says:

    wow theres just a whole another world out there that i didnt know of. so many diiferent streams. thanks david for your valuable insight.

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  7. Hi David!
    This is all very intresting for me!I am aDrummer ,but the last years i buy me a little studio and wanted to make elektronic music!
    But i always have technical problems and don t know how- at the end how to fix them!
    So if you don t know ,you think you can t do it!!!!!!!!
    It s very depressiv on my mind!!!!
    My PC is a Pentium 2×3,4 Ghz ,Oxygen8 Midi,roland soundkart,Fostex Monitor,i also have Roland TD 8 E-Drum with Yamaha Pads and still My Yamaha 8000 Tour Custom Power 10″ 12″ 13″ 14″ 16″ 22″Bas-d and 2 Snares Zyldijan Cymbals etc
    Don t know what i can do ,thank you very much for sending me this E.Mail!!
    Can you help me??????
    Best Wishes for You and thanks
    Yours Jan-Karl E.

  8. Chris Pippin says:

    David, I’m interested in the ebook you are giving away. I am a lifelong musician and songwriter that wants to make a living out of what I love. Thank you so much for what you are doing for us who are trying to break in to the business.

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