This site is written and maintained by David Campos to make information available for beginners about Computer Recording Software .

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  1. William Price says:

    I’m a wannabe rock star kwaito hero.
    Can you record me on your studio?

  2. Yes, i have a rap group and i wanna make my music better but i dont have nothing to do it with our music sound drained out i want u to help us we wanna do it for the game not the fame please help us

  3. Joe Griner says:

    HI im 14 and im looking for a good program search me up on facebook Joe Griner Help me out please cant aforde nothing so please help me out

    • Paul says:

      Check out Ardour. Trust me, you can afford it (it’s free). It’s open source, which is why it’s free, and although you’ll have to do some reading on the web that explains how to use it, it’s a great progam. It’s just as good as any other recording software that you would pay hundreds of dollars for. This is the website where you can download it. Here is a great tutorial.

  4. Felipe says:

    Hello!!…I’m a musician and producer but i’m still young and i want to learn more. I really liked your own work and i think you’re so good on this..your website is interesting and i’ll keep visit it. This is wonderful information and it really works well. Thanks a lot.

    Try to response me.

    • Peter Moua says:

      Yes. This is a really exciting website. You are doing great things for the younger generations. I’m young too and is aspired by people like you to help younger generations to achieve their goal in a faster and more productive way as well as professional.

      • Peter Moua says:

        Your site encourages me to record, mix, master, and produce as well as do music video for people for free. I thought that I was the only idiot going around offering to do music and videos for free to the people but guess it’s a good thing I’m doing it. Rock on David!!

  5. Asariel says:

    Im very hot in the rap bussiness. i need recording software

    • Peter Moua says:

      depends on what kind of recording software you are looking into. Check these out.
      Adobe Audition, Sonar 8.5, Pro-tools, Audacity, Ableton, Garage Band, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Logic, Avid, and another main production software. I forgot what it’s call. LOL Sorry.

  6. Wade says:

    Hello David. I found your site while researching home recording. Thanks for sharing your story and experiences with the rest of us recording enthusiasts. I have a modest DAW based on Protools running on an iMac. I’m self-taught and consider myself an advanced beginner. If you have time would you visit our site at http://www.phyllisrichmond.com and have a listen to a few of my tracks and possibly give me some feedback? This is our very first project-written, produced, and mastered-all in our home studio. I would appreciate anything you have to remark about them. Thanks for the e-book, looking forward to reading it and following you on this site. -Wade

  7. Eric says:

    Hey David,

    I have emailed you before and was first wondering how your new ebook was coming?? Secondly, I wanted to ask advice.
    I am running Logic. I also have Spectrasonics RMX. I wanted to get some third party instrument sounds to use with RMX. I see you have Omnisphere and Trillian. I have looked at Komplete 7. Even tried to look at Reason 5.0 for sounds. I want a nice package….guitars, basses, strings, synths,world sounds…you get the idea. What do you use as your “go to” virtual instrument???
    Any advice from you or anyone who really knows the sounds would be greatly appreciated!


  8. David Greenland says:

    Hi, i am an aspiaring musician and recording artist, only being 16 i am short of cash. I am lookin for recording software and hardware. Please if you can be of any help my email is davidgreenland@rocketmail.com. Thanx, and to David thanx the site has loads of usefull info and tips

  9. Bob says:

    Hi David, I like your positive attitude in your videos and your insight into
    recording techniques and the equiptment you suggest using.
    I have been playing guitar and bass for awhile and when I get asked to do tracks
    I jump on the opportunity. I get asked to play certain styles and to emulate other
    players which can be a challenge! But i ask the producer what he wants
    and investigate whatever style they want and work it out. I don’t say, I can’t do it even though I might have no ideas at the time! I am relating this to the production challenges you talked about. Taking the challenge makes us grow.
    I stumbled on your site looking for clarity on what I would really need in order
    to get pro recordings in my project studio and you certainly cut through the myths and nonsense quickly. Thanks for sharing your experience with those of us muddling
    through the mounds of info on this subject. It was a great help God Bless.

  10. Skip Herman says:

    When I export in wav or mp3 formate and burn them to cd, sd card the recording is half or less than it should be. Seemes to be over compressed. I’m at a loss as to what it is. Do you have information on making cds. I have a project that is due in two weeks
    So I hope you can help. Thank you,
    Skip Herman

  11. Mike Chavez says:

    Hi David,

    I`m readding your ebook “Music Production 101″ right now and I would like to take the course you mentioned ‘bout building a Recording Studio. Could you let me know as soon as it is available?
    I want also to suscribe to your blog but I couldn’t find it.

    Thanks and greetings from sunny Mexico City

  12. wesley says:

    hello thanks for the vids they are awesome. is there an effect that makes the sound like vinyl that makes the cracks and pop like on a record player or turn table thanks

  13. Akshar Patel says:

    Hey David,
    I am from th U.K and I have just started Recording, your E-Book looks very promising!!
    Thank you for that, looking forward to seeing you one day!
    Great job…

  14. Collin says:

    Sup Dave!!

    I finished reading the Music production 101. It is informative, fantastic and easy to read. When is the “Advanced music production book” coming out? Thank you for tips and advices in your videos and books. Keep it up!

    Kind regards

  15. Peter Moua says:

    I also wonder. Is it better recording voice through the mixer or through the sound card?

  16. Braden says:

    I am working on recording a jazz band group, and I am looking at a Presonus interface that will allow 8 channels. I am planning on using 2 and allowing myself to record 16 channels. The thing is i would like to use the Mackie mixer that the group already has. How would i go direct from the mixer into the Presonus interface?

  17. Zachary Church says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have been self learning how to do all of this for years, I have slowly progressed into making better and better music. The only problem is that I do not have much knowledge on mixing and mastering properly, nor recording or any of those bits. I was looking around Youtube to see if anyone had a good way to record, and I ran across your videos. They have helped me immensely. I am still horrendous at mastering, Eg: I just finished a project last night, and today when I tried it on much louder speakers, the bass was nigh but nonexistant and the voice sounded like it was all wet and no dry reverb. I still have much to learn, but I greatly look forward to more videos to help me along the way.

  18. my name is Gabriel, I am 14 I will be 15 this month. I wanna be a R&B singer in the USA but I live in Mozambique – Africa, I started making bits with FL 10 and I am asking for advice what do I need to do to be a professional R&B singer and what is the perfect program to record vocal and edit it…………………………………………… My microphone has problems, it delays when is capturing sound. Gabriel Miguel

  19. Jared says:

    Hey David!!!

    Just putting a comment on how much I enjoy your e-book. I am still using it to guide me in the process of making my at home studio. I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in music and production. Knowing that (Just to let you all know, I’m a rapper) beats are one of the many important things a rapper must have, your e-book is a great tool for setting up an at home studio.

    Thanks again!

  20. Benjamin mellstrand says:

    Hi im Locking at your Youtube channels and Now i wanna start With Making Music,
    And im going to do it Seriously so I need all your help you can Give me! :)
    All programs and all Kind of help! :)

  21. Manny Davison says:

    I’m a young kid, so i haven’t had the opportunity to go to school yet but i’m going for music production next year. i’ve been making music for a long time, and for what i have and for teaching myself i’m not too bad. one thing i have yet to master is recording quality vocals at my home studio. Could you please make a video of what you use (equipment, effects, compressors, ect.) when you record vocals. thanks

    -Manny from Pittsburgh

  22. Alex Bryant says:

    hey , I just want some advice on production & what alll you need . I’m 14 , my dad is going to let me turn a room in the basement into a home studio but I’ll have to do everything . I have a 2011 macbook pro and electric guitar . I have piano but I know I’ll need a keyboard ? Probally will need a desk or something to set up on . Any input will be greatly appreciated , thanks !

  23. Alex Bryant says:

    hey , I just want some advice on production & what alll you need . I’m 14 , my dad is going to let me turn a room in the basement into a home studio but I’ll have to do everything . I have a 2011 macbook pro and electric guitar . I have piano but I know I’ll need a keyboard ? Probally will need a desk or something to set up on . Any input will be greatly appreciated , thanks !

  24. Kick n Snare says:

    I just followed a few pointers about DAW and multitrack software. I am
    currently a aspiring producer learning more of the engineering aspect
    of recording.

    Thank you for the post of the video and everything from giving
    recommendations to supplying advice. I don’t mean to solicit but I am
    working with an artist and would love your feedback on the song, mix

    Thanks again.

    -Kick N Snare

  25. Ronald Jaarsma Jr says:

    Hey David,
    I am a big fan of your website. Learning every day a bit more. I have a question for you.
    You have once said that you would talk a bit more about building a homestudio. Well i have a great place for a studio. I want to build one, but one big problem is that i play drums..and as you know, drums are loud. I found a website that offered cabines 80mm thick. But it will cost Euro 13000 for a 4meter by 3 meter cabine.
    I am still hoping you are getting us your video soon of how to build one myself.. and what will the cost be??? My question is; do you think its possible for me to build a studio were i can play my drums in for less than the costs of the cabine, or is it just a waist of time and money to build it and have a company come in and do it for 13000 euros? Hope to hear from you my friend. See yaaaaa


  26. casey says:

    hi i was wondering if your still making the advanced tutorial videos?

  27. mike featha says:

    thanks bro for this book i always wanted to get into sound engineering and production the knowledge you are giving is to me is priceless when i become a famous producer like you ill find you and thank you but for now i would still like to say thanks

  28. mike featha says:

    and oh yeah thanks

  29. Xavier says:

    hey dave,
    i wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me in the production field. I’ve read your ebook and i’m wondering when the advanced music production ebook will be out?
    and if there are even any plans to release it.
    thanks again and keep up the good work

  30. Bob says:

    Hey David, i have been recording acoustic guitars based songs for the past year now and i can’t get the sound quite right. i have a RODE NT2000 and protools. can you give me some quick tips to get a real professional sound. Thanks, Bob

  31. Music. Now. I make the greatest beats in the world. Let’s work. facebook.com/musicnow

  32. Contact me for the greatest beats. I would love to work with you.

  33. Bro this website is sweet!

    I would like to ask you some questions, can I contact you personally?

  34. Gordon says:

    Thanks Mr Compton, I have just downloaded a copy of your book and viewed a couple of your video and already have learned something. I am fairly new to the recording art and find the techyspeak difficult to understand. It is great that you use everyday english. I look forward to viewing and learning loads. You are a generous man. Thanks again.

  35. Dario says:

    Hey there David! Must say you’re such an inspiration to me. In the past two years I had some experiences that made me doubt about going on with music and with art, but now i’m really convinced that this gonna be my life.
    I’m going to start college this year and I will study composition. Watching your videos give me lots of ideas to work on from now (starting from having a little equipment, as I record with a $12 karaoke microphone) and to the future.
    I’m truly grateful to you.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  36. Jens says:

    Hey David!
    I just found your videos on youtube today and watched all of them. Very well done :) I also downloaded your EBook and even I don´t like reading books much, I will read it, be sure.
    I just want to say thank you for all you did and you do in the future about recording and music business. At this time I´m just a musician who´s interested in the background of recording etc… but may I think about a home recording studio in the future.

    All the best from Germany

  37. Richard says:

    Hi David,

    My comment is pretty much the same as everyone elses. I think what your are doing offering these tips and tricks for free is great! Youngster can learn a lot from these pages.

    Could you possibly do me a favor, I know you are extremely busy, but if you could please find the time to listen to some of my music and give me some feedback. EG. What I need to get better at, what I’m going wrong, what I’m doing right etc, it would really help me out in my endeavors to become a professional musician.
    Richard Ashford

  38. Hey Dave, loving your work, im also in the advertising industry, check out my website and let me know what you think


  39. Joash says:

    Thank you so much, Mr. David Campos! I’ve been struggling so much these past year researching and getting myself acquainted with basic music production. I love how your e-book and videos are so simple, easy to understand and yet, so useful and full of all the important points and crucial information. I could say I have learnt so much more in a day than the several months of randomly fiddling around various websites about music production and getting only bits and bits of information with loads of jargon. I am sincerely grateful!

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