Removing Vocals From a Song

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A friend asked me to help her find a backing track to a song she wanted to perform to. I said to her to try and search in Itunes for the song’s name with “Backing track”,”karaoke” or “Instrumental’ added. Unfortunately there was no version available. So I had to find another method to help her out.

And this method is easier than you think . Its basically removing the vocals from the original song using any standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) .

So I decided to film the process and make it available to you guys for fun .

Enjoy !! P.S. please remember to comment .

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Make More Money from Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams Part 3

This is turning out to be a great year and I couldn’t think of a better way to keep up the momentum than to share the next installment of my series on making money from multiple streams in music Part 3.

In the first 2 videos I went into the first 7 Streams

  1. Studio Hire
  2. Studio Session Work
  3. Commissioned Work
  4. Music Publishing
  5. CD Sales
  6. Teaching
  7. Endorsments

In this video I’m gonna be going into the next 3 Income streams in the music business .

Please note that with all these income streams I have either personally experienced and benefited from them or I personally know other professionals who have made a living by leveraging their talent through these streams.

This is the way to do it right . Do it right from the start. Don’t wait until you’ve been in the industry for 10 years before you”figure” it out .

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Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams PART 2

Its Christmas time here and my kitchen is full of woman cooking glazed hams and special holiday cookie recipes. Our house is full of relatives and The kids are running around like chickens without heads and all they keep asking me is what we bought them for Christmas . lol !! Somehow I managed to still sneak out and make this video for you :-)

In the previous article (PART 1) called “Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams” I spoke about the first three income streams

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Make More Money From Music Business Through Multiple Income Streams

I remember when I produced my first demo for an artist 15 years ago. We took it to 12 record companies who all rejected it . It was a very very difficult time because all we wanted was to get the project signed , hear our song on the radio, sell CDs and make a living from the music business .

Afterwards I went to a music manager who asked me all these questions about publishing , masters , management and contracts . I didn’t have the faintest clue what she was talking about . That’s when she sat me down and drew me a picture with me or the artist in the middle with all these income streams surrounding us and feeding into us and into each other . This is when the proverbial “light bulb” switched on …

I later went on to become very successful in music business selling more than 1.5 million records and counting BUT the real wealth has actually come from some unexpected sources . Just as that manager taught me that day I went on to maximize my revenue streams and leverage my music to make the money from as many income streams as possible .

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Is David Campos Dead ?

First of all let me just start by clearing the rumor that I am dead . Lol !!

There were some people asking if I fell off the face of the earth or just plain died . I am perfectly alive and Kicking (some HOT beats) . Not only am I alive but I have some real exciting things in the pipeline which will be revealed in the coming months .

I have some really good news . Things are gonna be back to normal from now on because I have finally resettled in my new city and in my new recording studio . The same FREE videos you guys have come to know me for are gonna be rolling and MORE !!

I go into a lot more detail in this video I made which is the first of many more to come this year and the next .

I hope you can forgive me .

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Music Business Tips & Advise : Fake It Until You Make It !!

Today I want to share some Music Business Tips and advise . Alot of guys have emailed me and asked me questions about the business side of music itself and so I decided to make this short video. This is one of the very important Mottos that I live my life by, and It goes like this…


In this video I explain how through my experience, that being good at producing and composing music is not enough. There are some social skills that you need to master in music business . One of the areas you need to master is the art of selling yourself and getting prospective clients to believe or buy into YOU !!

My Dad who was a very successful music producer taught me a very important lesson when I was a teenager apprenticing under him . I tell the story in this video .

with another true example I also go into the absolutely wrong way of selling yourself to new clients …

Please !! I would love to hear some stories from you . Have you had the same experiences ??  Please post your own stories below or on Youtube .

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Reverse Reverb effect in Logic or FL Studio or any DAW

The Reverse Reverb effect is actually a very powerful technique . I use reverse Reverb often especially to create a otherworldly effect with a dash of Drama or suspense !!

I use this effect on anything and everything. You can use it to bring in a chorus in a song instead of the old reverse cymbol trick (oops …I just gave away another reverse trick) . You can use it every second snare in a loop and trust me if you listen carefully to alot of music many people have done this before. You can use it as a sound effect for film or TV etc..

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Voice Recorder Software – Removing Vocals With Reverse Phasing

Voice Recorder Software – Removing vocals from an mp3 song

In this little video I show how to remove vocals using reverse phasing from a song. It doesn’t matter if  its an mp3 or wav . This technique will work for any stereo file BUT it must be stereo.

The basic formula behind this technique is

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Virtual Vintage Reverbs used on Guitar & Voice Recording Software

Voice Recording Software : How to Use Virtual Vintage Reverbs

This video is actually a follow on from our first video on recording guitar through a vintage amp. A few people asked me to explain how using my guitar and voice recording software I managed to get the right vintage sound on the vocals and guitars. So here it is .

Vintage Spring and Plate Reverbs were difficult to maintain and they were noisy ….BUT not anymore.

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Recording Guitar on Audio Recorder Software

Today I’m going to be recording Guitar on audio recorder software .

I often compose jingles or music to picture for advertising companies.  I was commissioned the other day to compose a jingle for a new advertisement for TV . The briefing was to come up with something that has a Motown feel to it , something that sounds kinda RnB from the late 50s or 60s . So after I programmed the drums and Bass guitar on my audio recorder software it was time to lay down a little guitar.

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